moms in color

Black women need safe spaces. We need spaces where we don’t have to be strong, or funny, or impenetrable. We need spaces where we don’t have to be magical or majestic or glued together by some unicorn force.

We need safe spaces where we don’t have to be super heroes, constantly saving the world from itself or holding it together. We need spaces where we are not observed, or soaked up, or consumed, or spit out after the truth behind our story is too bitter for some to swallow.

We need spaces where there is no need to bite our tongues, edit our words, stifle our joy, or carry the weight of the world on our backs. We need spaces where we can be whole and human... mothers and free. 
— Brandi Sellers-Jackson | Moms In Color Co-Creator
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Moms In Color is a collective created to celebrate diversity, complexity and  intersectional motherhood. Our primary mission is to inspire, motivate and spread awareness around the topics that affect Black mothers most.

Moms In Color co-creators Brandi Sellers Jackson, Amber Aaron Mosley, Ashley Chea, Kelly McKnight and Candace Montgomery are all mothers/creatives who saw a deep need for a shift within the motherhood community. A sincere need for a conversation shift surrounding Black moms was and is imperative. Our mission is to celebrate #BlackMomMagic and spread all of the #BlackMomJoy not only for our children, but for future generations ahead.